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Thread: ENFP Outlets!

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    Default ENFP Outlets!

    Any suggestions? I need stuff to do outside of work, and I want to meet some interesting people!

    Right now, it's fine cause I'm fully immersed in a theater production, but I can tell that the boredom is coming. And, I'll probably audition for a couple of shows in the Winter, but the shows will not run until the Spring (provided that I even get in), which means I need new!

    I've tried theater groups, bartending classes, salsa dancing, churches, book clubs...

    I joined a couple of Nightlife/Happy Hour Meet Up groups, but I don't think I'm up for attending alone yet. Maybe if I get desperate. I want something that will be exciting, fun and cheap (if not free). I'm hesitant about sports because I'm not really inclined in that direction... but... it may just come to that! I would also join a gym except I don't want to pay for a membership that I might not use (if I feel the pressure to use it, it will probably go completely wasted).

    Anyway, this could just be an idea of something that doesn't actually exist. I think I have probably have hit most of the potential sources of entertainment for me, buuuuuttt maybe I'm missing something?

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    *looking for the same stuff*

    Because you can't spell "Slaughter" without "Laughter"

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    I'm kinda in the same boat, some ideas that may help:

    1. Volunteerwork- I got to go overseas for 1 month to do volunteerwork on a medical mssion, and met some extremely smart/interesting people there.

    Join a food drive or volunteer as a tutor.. those are other things I can think of.

    (Btw, I did the whole dance class thing- but mine was in production- and lemme tell ya, that was EMBARRASSING beyond

    2. Join a political campaign- It's something I've thought about doing.. then I think about how hypocritical people can be in those circumstances and that seems a bit too sketchy for me. But the thought of protesting & meeting people who share similar values EXCITES me! =)

    Anyway, good luck..

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    Big Brother Big Sister is very fun

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