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    Probably, but maybe eSFP
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    Most definitely an INFP. I am sure you do not doubt it either.

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    the blondest man on vent, is that a type? i don't actually remember if you had a type... given an unknown self-typing and an unknown type out of 16 types each, the chances of them correlating isn't very good.

    so: probably not.

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    ENTP, enneagram seems right.

    please oh please tell me my tritype
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    Theoretically I don't know. You don't post much do you? Stereotypically yes. Yes indeed you are a infj 4w5 based on stereotyping.

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    ENTJ is believable. A bit too outgoingly edgy for INTJ. ENTP possible as well, but seems less likely the more we interact.
    Our friendship would profit us both alike. Much we could still accomplish together, to heal the disorders of the world. Let us understand one another, and dismiss from thought these lesser folk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    ENTP, enneagram seems right.

    please oh please tell me my tritype

    469 Seeker Archetype


    If you are 469, you are intuitive, inquisitive and accepting. You want to be original, certain and peaceful. You are a very sensitive and can experience intense feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty. As a result you need multiple sources of confirmation. You want to be individualistic but can fear being separate from others.

    Your life mission is to raise the questions pertaining to the mysteries of life and share your findings with others. A true seeker, you are happiest when you feel you can answer the question of who you are.

    You can be so focused on your feelings, insecurities and doubts that you can feel paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decision and of being misled or duped.

    The 469 is a seeker with a lot of self doubt. There is always more to learn when you are this tritype but the desire is to develop a philosophy. the 6 and 4 have the most self doubt along with the 9. The 4 doubts their feelings, the 6 their thoughts. 6s want reassurance, 4s want praise to offset their natural tendency to be shame sensitive. The 4 leading is more concerned with the Who am I question and hopes to 'someday' have that answered through constant introspection and referencing their own feelings. I can only speak from my own lens and say that the 6 leading is less identity focused. Who Am I doesn't enter the picture like the 4, and less reliance on needing to set themselves apart to resolve the philosophical dilemma.

    ...the 6 will stereotypically give 469 some sort of orientation around associations to ease anxiety...469 will have more of a push-pull reaction pattern with authority in staving off inner anxiety.

    The 9 or 4 with the 469 tritype has the 3 types that feel doubt. Doubt breeds insecurity which increases anxiety. The gift of this tritype is the ability to search for meaning. What begins as doubt ultimates brings a great deal of knowledge that can lead to greater understanding.

    The sx 469s want the security of that comes with a trusted relationship. Grief can feel overwhelming and many have shared feeling flooded. They also report that grief brings up fear.

    Both the 469 and 269 tend to be passive. The 269 is more engraciating. The 469 is more aloof.

    The 468 reacts and rings the alarm to prevent making a mistake to calm down and the 469 doubts and procrastinates to avoid making a mistake.... To calm down.

    The 469 is very gentle unless threatened.They are very out of touch with their gut! The struggle is with doubt and inaction.

    9s fear being in conflict. 479 vs 469. Look at the level of confidence and optimism. The 7 brings a light touch with magical thinking, hoping for the best. In contrast, the 6 brings support and loyalty. Both are highly intuitive but the 469 has more doubts - The 479 is more future oriented, focusing on the possibilities. The 469 is more dutiful with a heavier heart, fearing that they can't make enough of a difference.
    ‎469s report a fear of making ten wrong decision and then having feelings of painful self consciousness and shame for having done so.... But also for not making a decision.

    If 6 is dominant in the 469 tritype, there are more obvious fears and concerns. However, 946 and 469 are equally troubled by insecurities.
    All 3 types have a little paralysis through analysis. And all 3 hate conflict. ) The 469 experiences extreme self doubt and hesitates more than other 4s. It is a shy 4 but they do have their own opinions...they are just reluctant to voice them. The 649 has the greatest difficulty trusting their own thoughts and tends to seek multiple confirmations before making decisions. The 964 is plagued with indecision too and can look like a 6 but they are not as inclined to seek opinions from others. They just avoid the conflict hoping it will resolve itself.

    The 469 is the most doubting tritype regardless which type is in charge. It is also the tritype that most struggles with a constant sense of self. They can also be somewhat passive. The only tritype more passive is the 269. The 269 is happier in presentation.

    Regarding doubt for the 469: I think Katherine said that the 4 has self-doubt, the 6 doubts themselves and others and the 9 has the believer/doubter dichotomy.

    the 649 (or 469 964) want peace harmony and gentleness. They are sensitive and doesn't know what to trust and in particular doesn't know what to trust in themselves. She stated that the 6 is more often than not phobic and needs multiple sources of confirmation and information. They don't feel they can rebound from emotional pain so they tend to avoid it through the questioning process and end up finding more questions.

    469 is going to have more difficulty being separate from others. More shame and anxiety about being different. There would be more checking in with others.

    (4)-6-9 - The Normative 4
    4-(6)-9 - The Withdrawn 6
    4-6-(9) - The Reactive 9

    This tritype has many self-confidence problems. They may often feel as though they need help from others, but that they are unable to get it. They fight between needing others and striving for seclusion.

    I'm 649 too...some days 469, and some 964
    My mind automatically scans for rejection, conflict, and inclusion/exclusion, whenever I'm focusing on *me* (for example putting myself 'out there' with my music - which is my absolute heart and soul). Whenever my self and esteem and worth is on the line, whenever I've made a personal *effort* to engage or simply self-express to others, I'm basically a wreck.
    However if attention is not on me, I'm fine...often one with nature, internalizing the world, being receptive and in touch with my inner self, entertaining myself with my mind, desires, fantasy...I can do that in my own privacy and on my own terms and I'm happy to not need others. But I'm too often pulled to find myself in the world (and show myself to it) to stay isolated for long. I can (and often do) get passive and can let a lot of years go by spinning on the same ungroundedness, not really pushing myself out there for fear of rejection and not being what I envision myself to be (wish to be). I have a lot of 'go along' energy that I fall back on when I need emotional and psychic rest.

    I think my tritype is 469. It particularly plays itself out in the social realm via shame, feeling utterly different, feeling hunted when very insecure (with no real external evidence to back the feeling up) and then by succumbing to a desire to merge with the group by lying down and playing 'dead' like a puppy. The merging brings short-term relief until my need to express myself takes over. If I can't I feel sickened by my lack of authenticity, if I can I do which opens me up to feeling exposed and ashamed again so I withdraw to avoid feeling hunted.

    The sx with 4 brings emotional intensity and a need for closeness with desired intimates...and, there is anger if intimacy is thwarted or denied. The 468 is impulsive and highly reactive... the focus is on immediate resolution. The 469 feels a great deal of doubt and in general is not as reactive. There is more of a tendency to hesitate, plan and prepare with more anxiety.

    The 469 is more phobic than the 468.

    The 649 ponders...thinks and rethinks. They are introspective like the 459...just more people oriented. Their shame is in making a mistake...they must get it right like the 461 but do not feel that they can easily say their opinion our loud due to a fear that they might make a mistake.
    As 4 is dominant, in addition to seeing themselves as intuitive and deep with a need for beauty and aesthetics....The 479s see themselves as loving, innovative and gentle, the 468 as intense and iconoclastic and the 469 as thoughtful and introspective.
    And so long as you haven’t experienced this: to die and so to grow,
    you are only a troubled guest on the dark earth

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    ^I swear to the god I worship I guessed the 6 part too.(it seems i'm getting good at this.) I was confused between 9 or 1 because she has a lot of 1 in her. Then I thought maybe it is her infjness i'm confusing as a 1 because she at times is a 9 it hurts. Can't go into details without breaking the ventrilo silence policy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    ENTJ is believable. A bit too outgoingly edgy for INTJ. ENTP possible as well, but seems less likely the more we interact.
    Ah another entj approval. That makes 3. You of course is correctly typed

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    entj now? I say entp.

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