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Idk, you referred to ESFJ and ISFP as dumb and dumber in your blog, so I had no reason to believe that it was sarcasm, unless calling SF types dumb and dumber was an attempt to provoke or troll others. At least I was trying to make a point, that if you claim you have more intelligence or power, then obviously you have more responsibility, and therefore should be hauling ass trying to be the change you wish to see in the world instead of despising the simple animals for being just what they are.

You can't have it both ways. Either you are special, powerful and responsible, or you acknowledge Jung and his cognitive functions or Socionics instead of insulting stereotypes. I can make argument for why it is bad to be N just like anyone can claim it's bad to be S...if you build the argument on these assumptions, which you want to admit are false when turned around on you, eh?
Ok, now first of all, I was quoting from the document, relations between ESFJ and the ISFP, if you read it, which happened to be part of the same post. You are now talking about my private blog, that not everyone is going to follow. You are making everything personal right now. I suppose that will always be your angle. Fair enough, I took your accusations and statements and replayed it back to you based on your own logic. So taking it personal can't be avoided. The superiority thing you claim, is something your 3rd function Ni/shadow is generating. Assumptions assumptions assumptions...