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    I have mid-back length, thick, slightly wavy hair that always has a single curl by the right side of my face.

    I part it on the left side, and most mornings I just brush it and it has kind of a messy look to it if I just do that.

    If it really looks like crap then I'll put it up in a messy ballerina bun. Lots of people know that as my hairstyle. If I have a few extra minutes I wear it in a side fishtail or plain braid and pull it so it looks fuller.

    I love how my hair looks when I curl it, but I suck at it and I don't wake up early enough to take the time so I only curl it on special occasions. when I curl my hair I use a big barrel curler.

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    I usually wear them down or in a simple ponytail.

    7w8/ 3w4/ 8w7

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