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    Default Halls of Justice: Application Thread (this game is simpler)

    Did my post disappear?
    Anyway, since "League of Heroes: Hawaiian edition did not work out, I am making a simpler game that more people will know how to play. I will do a "all-friends" tag when I am finished.

    I will unilaterally control all non-hero characters in the game, as well as natural events. I will also act as arbiter if disagreements arise in-game. I will use the same combat system as my previous game. You will use teamwork to overcome my threats. I will only only allow 10 players at a time in my game. Please only control your own character.

    High above the Earth, there is a space station were the world's mightiest heroes gather. Working together, this team of super-powered heroes defend the planet from a seemingly never-ending barrage of threats by dangers by humans, aliens, and more!
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