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    Caffeine is a vitamin. 6-8 cups a day at least.

    With half-and-half (or cream), and stevia if available; if not, the splenda or equal.

    If I'm in the coffee shop for hours reading a novel, I will have them put a couple of shots of mint into the coffee.

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    Milk with a smidge of stevia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadOctopus View Post
    I take mine with a splash of half-and-half. I prefer medium roast. Dark roasts taste burnt and bitter to me. My brother brought me a bag of medium roast Kona coffee when he went to Hawaii, and it was so good that I drank it black.

    Sometimes I get iced coffees, because I don't want to wait for a hot coffee to cool down enough to drink it.

    It's annoying; I generally only drink one cup of coffee a day, but when I don't, I get a headache. Not cool, man.
    Man, now I wanna try Kona coffee. The caffeine life is such beautiful suffering-I am literally dysfunctional without my daily cup o' joe.

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    I like iced coffee when I go out. I like black coffee when I've pulled an allnighter and need to stay completely awake throughout the day.
    At home, I like warm coffee with a lot of milk and a bit of sugar.
    I love hazelnut creamer.
    I really like cats and food.
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