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    Default Post the Weird Shit / Strange Happenings of Your Day

    So today at work, this patient I go do a massage for on his shoulder. After it, he gets up and says "it's your turn" and proceeds to give me a little massage on my shoulders. Lol!! I was SO weirded out! He was about 60 or so and gay (as the area I work in the city is right by boys town and we have a high population of homosexuals in the area). Info just to give you the visual. He was wearing a baby blue Florida looking shirt. And He had an amazing fun personality and the appointment was smooth and he chatted about his hobbies and he reeked of cologne. After my 2 minute 'massage' he checked out at the front desk and I went back to desk work. And as I was filing nearly an hour later, the stench of his cologne was STILL on me!! I swear!! I asked the receptionist to give me her body spray she had there hoping it would help. THEN I ended up reeking of old man cologne AND body works body spray. I started to get a headache.

    Omg I'm so serious but some weird shit happens to me on a DAILY basis with the occasional strange happening. So .. Thought I would share. I can't be the only one who feels like their life is a Seinfeld episode :p
    6w7 Sx/Sp (621 or 612. Same diff :p).

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    it moved, jerry

    good thread

    will post

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    I said in front of some relatives (who, praise the lord, are all pretty chill) that my dad could have eaten an fat old man's back acne. Want the details, or was that good enough?

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