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    Default The Truth Revealed: Who Really Stay Behind hacbad macbar?

    Arab-looking, enigmatic clown with thick chin and beady eyes who watches for months with pointing moustaches at the members of typology central from his avatar, and who call themselves hacbad macbar, is actually HACBAD MACBAR, a plaintiff from the beginning of this video, reveal the source close to the CCA (Comedy Central Agency).


    "He is, actually, a multiple cheater and gambler we chased for some time. He tried to...he, he (laughing), outdo the Houdini itself by assuring mass he can be in three places at the same time, and who has Mir Sultan Khan - grand Pakistani chess master and triple British champion of his time - on his back and on his profile picture", says Mr. Beggar Hoocker, Captain of Nude Hockey Male Charity Team (CNHMCT) from CCA.

    "We trace macbar for last couple of months with our hockey sticks, and nothing... The pack missing the target. Macbar was very elusive. We can try to call The Pakistani Cricket National Team to support investigation", explained Hoocker, "But their sticks are too woody for this kind of, so called full metal jacket operation, so we ended up with middle ground, eh... you know, grey area, under the radar and finally cought macbar in fisherman nets in Bering Sea. Macbar was trying to resembling the king crabs deeply hiding in the abyss of Northern Sea and crawling in the mud with his four legs, but sonar detected him as a fraud crab and, here we go. Macbar is finally revealed."

    What force macbar to change identity and turn from normal law abbiding citizen-dull life of city stockbroker-syndrome to multiple personality shape-shifting chameleon resembling, dragonfire, outlandish, skywalker, jimmy fallon- simbad the sailor-esque larger than life figure with helium voice tank and large breasts from testis cancer after abusing steroids is this text

    and, this dream


    and this man

    who knows this man

    who knows how to squeeze the orange juice for the breakfast from the blue painted iron old school outdoor russian gym

    who knows to make custom made colored green suit from the scratch

    and, who, of course, have his damsel in distress

    The story about macbar, and his life continues after the investigation of who took the cherry from the nipple of Queen Victoria and why cherry when you take the whole nipple. So, till the next time, bye, bye, your favourite featured columnist and investigator


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    Was he in Turkish Star Wars?
    The gloves are off...
    The wisdom teeth fell out...
    What you on about?

    Visit my Johari:

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    Yes. Who is asking?

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