Poetically explained:

In the year 2000,
I see thousand
Of pretty young women
I found arousin'
Grocery store shoppin'
Magazine browsin'

Many different ways
They keep their hair styles in
Full of boredom
I walk toward 'em

Get 'em close to me
'Cause I'm suppose to be
Male aggressor
Female impresser

Say the right things
Possibly undress her
But that's the post game
This is still the pre game

Silly woman she-game
Baby, what's your name
Even though I'm a freak
I play it off like a college geek

Crack a smile and politely speak
With intelligent to the women I select
Hoping that she don't detect
My egotistical chauvinistical lust
I thrust till I scream like Mystikal

The wrong message I hope I'm not sendin
Laughin' and pretendin' my dick's not extendin'

Can't be over zealous she might discover
She's walking away, (shit), blew my cover.