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    thats so awesome chandler!
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanaynay View Post
    not doing this in the "dedicate a song to a forum member" thread because this is entirely based on the "aura" the song gives off (they're all soundtracks/instrumental, so it's not lyric-based).

    to be honest, i'm not exactly sure how to describe this thread. it's not just finding songs that fit certain members' vibes, because then a lot of these would have to be darker than i'm making them out to be.

    maybe this thread is more like "how does this member make chanaynay feel?"

    something like that. basically what tune pops into my head when i think of you!!

    @<a href="" target="_blank">Starry</a>

    I really love it Chanaynay - I really do (so sweet the sentiment too.) I even held off on responding because I wanted the right words to come to me in order to describe just how it made me feel but... that might take a while haha. Basically, it's beautiful and I now feel like I have my own musical score. It's just so lovely and means so much. thank you

    And in return...
    In 2005 I went to Thailand and at one point was hiking medications and sanitation supplies out to the various tribes etc. And I can't remember where I was right now...which tribe...but...none of these small groups owned very much by way of material items. They had/have a monopoly on happiness, love, harmony, peace, true contentment...but many of them don't even really own a pair of shoes.

    And so you can imagine my surprise when I learned one of these seemingly primitive villages had a massive sound system and karaoke machine?? haha (I totally thought they were joking with me until they fired-it-up...and I'm still not sure how it was powered...) The selection of music on that thing was horrendous but...

    ...the children of the village...that of course singled me out with their *ENFP = grown-up child* radar that all children have... This was their favorite song haha. I've never actually heard it played in the states...and it ain't winning any kinds of Grammy's anytime soon... but it is the happiest of songs. And there's something in the memory of dancing with those kids all across the rice paddy...over and over and over again that reminds me of you and how amazingly beautiful you are. Sunshine

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