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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanaynay View Post

    @Halla74 - The Maze

    The Maze is able to create pocket dimensions inside the real world, which contain giant mazes. Unlike conventional mazes, which work in three dimensions, the puzzles created by Maze are twisted through four or more dimensions, allowing people to walk upside-down, up staircases that cannot really exist, and generally to become lost in a world that defies the laws of perspective.

    Maze also prevents any kind of "cheating" by raising walls to stop people from climbing over them and by repairing walls that have been damaged by people trying to break through.

    Wow! That's one helluva cool card!!
    Thank you so much; it will be interesting pondering on this.

    Have a great evening!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanaynay View Post
    I felt like his probably would create the most confusion.

    Halla is a famed one here on TypeC and has no trouble standing out. One of the most notable points I see about him is his never-ending resilience and almost continuous optimism about life itself. I think kyuuei has a quote of his in her sig saying "think your way through the world, feel your way through life." The bountiful wisdom Halla can share with you almost feels like he's an outsider, a god, something extraterrestrial giving us handicaps. So I thought it'd make sense to give Halla a card that reaches past the 3rd dimension into the 4th and so on, because he's someone lead you to new points and perspectives and teaches you to combine ingenuity with a rational view of the world.
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    May I have a card?

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    Love it. No idea what you're referring to haha but it sounds kinda awesome.
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    Does this make @five sounds my sister? I'm like the evil twin? Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by chana View Post
    Does this make @five sounds my sister? I'm like the evil twin? Lol
    You hem me in -- behind and before;
    you have laid your hand upon me.
    Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
    too lofty for me to attain.

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    I used to LOVE Card Captor

    Sakura and li <3<3

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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    Sakura and li <3<3
    One of my first OTPs.

    @momental - The Change

    The Change (チェンジ, Chienji) is a clow card able to do things involving change. One of its notable powers is to switch minds (or bodies) of two persons. Also, Kero-chan stated that Change's power can only be used once everyday since after using Change, its power will only return after 24 hours (one day).

    It is under The Dark (闇).

    The Change's main body appears to be a blue, vaguely chameleon-like creature with great orange eyes that shoots out its tongue to switch objects around like a real chameleon does to capture prey.

    Change is able to swap the minds (or bodies) of two people. This swapping can only occur once a day, and if a change is not reverted after some time, it becomes permanent.

    @kyuuei - The Fight

    The Fight is an accomplished martial artist who lives for the challenge of seeking new opponents for its skills. Invoking the card allows its caster to gain great fighting abilities.

    The Fight is an extremely aggressive, ruthless and fiercely competitive card. It is always seeking out new opponents to test its skills but will only engage with them if it deems them strong. Fight will turn away from a fight if it senses a stronger opponent elsewhere (as it did with Meiling Li to face down Sakura Kinomoto).

    In battle it is fierce, unrelenting and extremely relentless and will not waver or stop until the opponent (or it) is defeated. However, it also has the habit of going too far as it continued pummelling another wise beaten Meiling and persisted until Sakura intervenes.

    It is possible that, like with Rain and Cloud, Light and Dark, Big and Little and Time and Return, Fight also has a sister card, which would be the Power card. Both share similarities, such as their abnormal strength and challenging personality, which would indicate that they are sisters. Likewise, they share many differences, such as Fight being a teenager, and Power being a little girl, and their way of acting, using their strength, and Power uses it to show off/play while Fight uses it to become even stronger.

    @YWIR - The Earthy

    The Earthy is a major elemental card and is the last card that Sakura captures.

    Earthy's visible form is a giant serpentine dragon formed of stone. In the manga, it also appears as the woman depicted on the Card. The woman form is briefly shown in the anime while Sakura is sealing the card.

    As one of the four elementals and the last card to be captured in both manga and anime, it is perhaps the most powerful of the Clow Cards, except for The Light and The Dark (since they are the strongest among the Clow Cards as mentioned by Cerberus in Episode 69) and The Nothing. However, in accordance with the Chinese balance of five elements, it is vulnerable to Wood.

    She is one of the original nineteen cards from the manga, the second element under Cerberus and the gentler counterpart of the The Firey.

    The Earthy is capable of considerable property destruction by creating earthquakes and various other geological disturbances. As well as freely manipulating the element of earth.

    @Nicodemus - The Illusion

    The Illusion is an aggressive Clow Card (reasons for this behavior are unknown) capable of creating an illusion based on whatever the viewer expects to see or wants to see. This means that each person will see something different when viewing the illusion unless they are all thinking of the same thing at the same time. Usually this illusion takes the form of whatever the person is most afraid of, though it has been known to take the form of whatever is most significant in a person's mind at the time.

    It is aligned under Dark card.

    Initially when Sakura returns to seal it, Illusion assumes the image of Sakura's deceased mother, Nadeshiko Kinomoto, to lure Sakura into walking over a steep ledge.

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    I would like a card, too.
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