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    Default I need advice/recommendations upon a major: PSYCHOLOGY/NUTRITION DOUBLE MAJOR


    I'm a junior in high school, in dual enrollment. For my next class choices for summer classes of 2014, I was going to pick a intro to psych class and intro to nutrition. I'm very emotionally attached to both of these majors. Due to the fact I've dealt with eating disorders yada yada. I'm an emotional person. What I'm trying to get at is, I'm very inspired to pursue these majors as a career choice. I work very hard when I'm motivated, but if I'm not...SHIT, IT'S JUST A BAD TIME.

    Questions I have: Um, I'm not really sure how to word all of the questions I have because I'm not sure if I'm asking them right ( thank you for your patience)

    How would life be with these majors?
    Job positions?
    any people who majored in this on here?
    any recommendations you would have for me besides these majors?
    Do you think I would work well in these majors?

    (I know the questions i'm asking are sorta odd since you don't have a lot of background info) you can message me, and i'll see what I can answer.
    some facts: I was my class president, I got into a lot drugs then pulled my shit together I've made honor the last 4 terms since then. I do improv, was heavily involved in theater until I got sick of everyone's want for fame.

    I'm also doing a major independent project on MBTI as we speak for 3 grades. ( I DON'T BELIEVE IN MBTI TO TYPE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING, IT JUST HELPS ME UNDERSTAND PEOPLE AND CHOICES A LITTLE BETTER, I DO NOT AT ALL THINK IT'S 100% ACCURATE. it's actually a wonderful tool for high school, since in a year I'm forced to understand the world as an adult like magic or something. So I'm just preparing myself, (not really willingly) but just so I don't get as hurt as my naive self could possibly be.

    Thank you for your time and consideration if you decide to help, or even if you read this idk.
    I really do appreciate any feed back. negative/positive I can handle (looking for TRUTH)

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    College suggestions, as a lady in college and super poor:
    - Pick a university with the most majors that you want in it.
    - Pick a community college that transfers easily to that university.
    - Go to community college first.
    - Do all of your basics first. Then re-evaluate what major you want.
    - Do some research on the job fields of that. Degrees are useful no matter what.. but if you realize you like psych and the city you want to live in is flooded with psychologists .. then maybe a different route would be better. There's a lot of options and factors to consider--completing your basics gives you time to figure those factors out.

    Seriously, give it some time before you jump into majors. Mistakes always being made:
    - People jump into majors, then realize those majors aren't so glamorous or the studies behind them suck.
    - People spend $$$ on basic courses they hate vs $ .. You think this isn't so bad, but trust me, it is. It is sneakily awful paying $4,000 for a calculus course and putting that pressure on you, vs $200 for a calculus course that isn't devastatingly awful if you fail.
    - People get overwhelmed by college (especially university) right out of high school.
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    Thank you, I am doing that community college thing actually, I happened to qualify for free dual enrollment so i'm fucking pumped and trying to figure out my options the best I can with this opportunity. So when I graduate I will graduate with basically a associates degree and high school. So I'm going to be thrown out into the world, and I kinda have to know by summer what I want to do if I don't want to spend more money (that i don't have ayyy) Because I just started dual enrollment in spring semester, and I'm getting the mandatory classes out of the way.
    "I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."
    -Oscar Wilde

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