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    Quote Originally Posted by Stansmith View Post
    Your case is pretty seem to exude alot of Ne on here, but you don't really vibe like an ENFP.
    I dunno what to tell you. I just like being me, and regardless my type I'm gonna continue to be me, and if people don't like it and if i ever am 100% sure of my type I'm not going to be boxed in by that type. I find being me is awesome, everyone should think being themselves is awesome!

    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    I think it just depends on whether your dominant function is introverted or extraverted. I'm an introvert, I am energised by alone time and drained by prolonged social interaction, my energy is focused internally rather than externally and all that jazz, but I always choose social jobs such as healthcare and I do feel the need to go out and talk to people and meet people etc. Atm I feel kinda restless because I need to connect with people (such as close friends and family). I do need people and some people have tried to say for that reason I am actually a shy extravert, but even though I have a need to know people etc I only want to do it for a certain amount of time. After that time it becomes a chore that requires too much effort. I think the people suggesting you are an extravert have a skewed perception of what an introvert means. They will probs think it means anti-social, creepy loner, serial killer etc. Have you read Quiet by Susan Cain? I'd recommend. If you find comfort in her words you are most likely an introvert
    "Dad I can't feel my legs."

    "That's because you don't have any arms."

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