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    Default Spreading your wings!!!!!!

    This weekend i am moving into the first apartment that is entirely mine, with no connection what's so ever to my family. There are a lot of stressors mainly the cost of furnishings and that this means that this move is permanent (I'm a little homesick). But it's also liberating and I want to focus on that. So...
    What did you enjoy about your first place or are you looking forward too.

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    Privacy, independence.

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    I moved across the country when I was 19 because my friend asked if I wanted to. Lived there 2 years with her consistently being there and a revolving door of other roommates. Probably either the best or worst decision I made, but definitely one of the most life changing. I liked how big am environment change it was, from being isolated at my moms house in the suburbs to moving to the hood and having complete freedom.

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