I think it'd be fun to look at which subforums the MBTI types prefer. Hm...I'm really bad at this kind of stuff, and I also don't know if it's been done before. I'll give it a shot here. But I'm shit at this stuff. ^_^

ISTJ: Academics and Careers (ah, ISTJ-ism is foreign to me! I don't know how you mysterious beings think. ) Maybe What's My Type?
ISTP: Health and Fitness?
ISFJ: Relationships? (notice a trend: I'm very uncertain with ISxx.)
ISFP: Welcomes and Introductions?
INTJ: Science, Technology, and Future Tech
INTP: Science, Technology, and Future Tech? Other Psychology Topics?
INFJ: Philosophy and Spirituality
INFP: Philosophy and Spirituality
ESTJ: Academics and Careers (again, STJ-ness is Chinese to me.)
ESTP: Sexuality and Mature Topics? Maybe Health and Fitness?
ESFJ: Home, Garden and Nature
ESFP: Arts and Entertainment
ENTJ: Politics, History, and Current Events
ENTP: Science, Technology, and Future Tech
ENFJ: Relationships
ENFP: The Bonfire/The Fluff Zone