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    AAAAAAHHHHHHhhhahahahahahaha, I thought I was the only one who got bored of eating. Even if it a food I really, I'll get bored of it really quickly. I always have to force myself to finish my food. ...I am actually really glad that I've finally found something that I agree with 100000000000000% percent right now.

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    I had this issue quite a lot when I was younger. In the same time I was also underweight in that time. After I finished school, this suddenly started to change; eating seems easier, and I gained weight (no, I am not overweight now ).

    However, sometimes I have still some days long phases where I just get bored of eating as you say. Like, even if I felt I am hungry, I start to eat a bit, and then I just cannot get myself to eat more.

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    I actually have the opposite problem. I always feel the desire to eat. Even if I am just watching TV or I am full from a meal, I want to eat. Luckily we don't really keep many snacks in the house, but I suppose I do a decent job at resisting anyway. I don't think I am technically overweight, but I would like to lose a few pounds.

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