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    Default Sorry, random person

    I implied that we might meet soon for a date, after our nice chat, but then I "casually" decided not to check back with her after that because I couldn't put my heart into a date because I just wasn't feeling romance anymore.

    Sorry, was pretty much a butthole move not to say anything to her.

    I don't "feel" like pursuing romance, but I do feel like I want to, sometimes. I'm confused.
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    at least you've apologized, and if I were her I'd take that explanation. I could also see myself doing the same thing as you.
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    So you weren't interested. Big deal. It happens all the time. You think it would have been better if you called her back and 'explained'? Trust me, it wouldn't have. Your silence said enough to get the point across.

    Besides, you "implied we might meet soon for a date"? You couldn't have been more vague. For all you know you could have called her back to set a date and she'd give you the ol' "Oh, sorry, I'm busy."

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