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    Florida is a weird place. At least central Florida is. My sister used to live in the Orlando area (she was about half-way between Orlando and Daytona Beach) and the whole area struck me as very... odd. I think the weirdest thing was the fact that it was much more heavily populated than where I come from yet the infrastructure was much less developed. They had no sidewalks (no curbs, even!), no storm and sanitary sewers (just the odd culvert and swale here and there for storm water and a septic tank under the front yard for waste), no streetlights, incredibly poor public transit (one bus route that ran intermittently and didn't really go anywhere), a paucity of commercial areas; about all they had was a 30 ft wide patch of asphalt for a road, water and electricity. It felt like I'd travelled to a third-world country.

    The strangest thing about it was that other than Disneyworld and the beach, and the tourism those things bring, the entire area really had no reason to exist. There was no other reason for people to be there. And yet there were millions of people living in this glorified swamp.

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    the weather in florida sucks 365 days of humidity and sunshine trust me sounds great but live here for 6 almost 7 months and get back to me
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ü™ View Post
    Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California are America's fat ass and Mexico is the shit hanging off of it.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, and actually, rural Nevada is where the high suicide rate is, not Las Vegas. And I'd probably be suicidal if I was stuck living in a rural area, too. And why blame a city or a casino for someone's gambling addiction that leads to their suicide? Blame the addict for a lack of self-control. It's better they kill themselves after they lose all their money than mooch off others (or perhaps rob and kill them).
    Bus your mentally unstable people somewhere else away from my city. It is probably why the homeless people went up around here. It is not our problem to fix your suicidal people when you don't even fix your own problems of mentally unstable people (by pushing them aside to other states to fix.)

    If you truly want to bus people out, bus them to Utah.

    Quote Originally Posted by msg_v2 View Post
    Florida deserves all the hate that unfairly goes to California. I like that people love to rip on the "shallowness" of California while simultaneously being glued to inane reality shows and celebrity gossip.
    Come to the Central Valley, whether it be the North (Sacramento) or the South (Fresno,) you'll get a very different feeling compared to the 4 largest cities in California (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose.) I've practically lived here my whole life thus far. Or really, most of the sizable cities in the Central Valley is like a cross between big and small town.

    Noticeable temperature year round (transition between seasons aren't too dramatic.) Fresh fruits and vegetables all around. Snow to the East, the ocean to the West. Wine to the west. Forest a few miles all around. Life is so different here, yet so good because most everything that is needed is in reach around here.

    There is so many views to California, that calling her pretentious is a misdemeanor. Yosemite, Golden Gate, Lake Tahoe, Redwoods, state Capitol, Hollywood, Sutter Buttes, Oroville. It is a reason, why people come from all over the world to California.

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    What is New Jersey like?

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    Austin, Texas.

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