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View Poll Results: Hair Color Preference

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  • Male-Blond

    5 9.80%
  • Men-Brown

    19 37.25%
  • Men-Red

    7 13.73%
  • Men-Dark Brown/Black

    20 39.22%
  • Men Light Brown

    9 17.65%
  • Men- Gray Hair

    5 9.80%
  • Women- Blond

    13 25.49%
  • Women-Brunette

    23 45.10%
  • Women-Red

    21 41.18%
  • Women-Dark Brown/Black

    27 52.94%
  • Women-Light Brown

    14 27.45%
  • Women-Gray

    1 1.96%
  • Other- Post YOUR favorite

    7 13.73%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I have strawberry blonde hair with blue eyes, I love myself.

    But my preference? I prefer a woman who is natural. Natural hair color, and not a ton of make-up. But color? Dark.
    "The life of the individual has meaning only insofar as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful."
    - Albert Einstein

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    I have no preference about what looks good on men. All colors can be attractive. On women, I feel the same way however I'm not crazy about obviously dyed hair - sticking to a color close (no more than a few shades off) to your natural color usually looks the best. Personally I have light brown hair, but dye it to a medium brown, in the past I've been dirty blond.

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