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    Default Analagous Typalagous

    This one's for @Mane

    MBTI type characterizations.
    It's all in fun. This is not meant to be personal nor is it about anyone.

    Fighter Jet
    ISTJ - The Mission Strategist
    ISTP - The Fighter Pilot
    ESTP - The Wingman shooting down enemy planes for his Bros.
    ESTJ - The Fire Control System
    ISFJ - Bubble-gum on the wheels
    ISFP - The In-cockpit Automated Voice System
    ESFP - Barrel-rolling pilot instructor. Does loop-de-loops. Can also get the plane out of a flat-spin
    ESFJ - Incoming missile alert system
    INFJ - Identify Friend or/ Foe Module
    INFP - Erroneous Turn-Signal Announcement
    ENFP - Target Acquisition Announcement/Ass-kicking compadre going wherever you fly
    ENFJ - Co-Pilot who won't STFU
    INTJ - Electronics
    INTP - Systems monitoring/alert error warning
    ENTP - AIM-9X Sidewinder Missiles/Joint-Directed Attack Munitions (JDAM)
    ENTJ - Ground Command Staff Sargeant
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