when viewing the main forum and there is the last topic thing on the right side, it cuts off the topic title if its too long and it has the user name of the person who last posted on that topic. you hopefully know what im talking about.

i have noticed some time ago already that sometimes they generate pretty funny stuff, for example currently there are:

'INFP girl trying to figure out dievalkyrie'
'ENFPs and destroying You'
'type me like you never did Infperson'
'what type of vibe you get Mia'
'whats your stance to bologna'
'aphrodite questions the peacebaby'
'fascinating documentary on Moniker'
'can anyone give me scientific greenfairy'
'teenage girls and revealing lark'

and as an added bonus 'whatcha eating? chana'

i have been getting laughs out of these for a while and thought that someone who havent noticed these might get some laughs too.

also, feel free to add some funny ones if you find them