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    Default Unbelievable MBTI scenarios go here.

    Scenario 1:
    "I've always been an ISTJ. Dude, what it means to me? Far out! Get your shit together! What you'd think it is, you fucking nut?

    It's been living in the edge. Being far out. You know the tricks, man? Yeah. Get real. It's awesome man. Just feel it out, feeeel it! Dude! With all the things going around, and colors. It's like methamorphosis.. or something whaddya know. Man. Just awesome. Seeing your own elbow! Now, your mind. No. Your fucking MIND! Ye! It just blows you out of your fucking knickers. Yea. Well just that's it. Just watch yourself dude."

    Scenario 2:
    "I'm John. ...

    (therapist: please do speak up John, it'll be good for your development)

    (John lifts his head slowly and speaks): huh.. (indistinguishable voice)
    Well. (big pause)
    (lifts his head and speaks to the audience)
    As you might as well know, I have been recently diagnosed with the incommunicable condiction known as ENFP. What you might know, it means a few years left in my current condition. Probably less than a 100, if half of that. (serious look)
    (big pause, the audience sighs)
    We all know how important it is to carefully weigh the reasons and conditions for our situation. If we were to evaluate all the facts stated herein the documentation 61-232, we can deduce the root cause of all the events leading to this situation, which are:
    1) lack of funds,
    2) gross neglicience of the worker conditions,
    3) insufficient contractual endorsement of the points 5.4.2 - 3.2.1 as prescribed in amendum 5.3 of the chartum 2.1 of the fuck-your-ass-contract 1.2.
    Thank you."

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    @Santtu sounds like he's on mushrooms and weed.

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