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  • Ray Barone (Everybody HATES Raymond!)

    10 55.56%
  • George Louis Costanza (Seinfield)

    6 33.33%
  • Dr. Ross Eustace Geller, Ph.D (Friends)

    9 50.00%
  • Michael Stivic (All in the Family)

    10 55.56%
  • Dr. Zachary Smith (Lost in Space)

    5 27.78%
  • Kill 'Em All!

    5 27.78%
  • Just Heart (MBTIc)

    3 16.67%
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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    I just had to vote for the insufferable Meathead. He's so unlikable that he makes me want to agree with Archie.

    It's strange, but I notice that there is a great deal of animosity out there for "Everybody Loves Raymond". For a show that did so well in the ratings for so long, a lot of people seem to hate it. I thought it was hilarious and would say that it was arguably the best sitcom on television during its run (with the possible exception of Arrested Development).

    I'm now waiting for the "damning with faint praise" comments
    I liked Everybody Loves Raymond. I always watched it when it was on. I tend to gravitate toward the one-camera, no-laugh-track kind of sitcom, these days. But Raymond really was a great traditional sitcom, and the writing and acting was always good.

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    According to Wikipedia, Luke was 19 when "A New Hope" started and he gains maturity as the series goes on, hence the boyhood clause. Plus, he shows masculine courage later on, fighting the dark side. A man earns his right to whine and moan. It was a plot devise to make him so snively and then later more contained. A cheap way to show "personal growth."

    There were other whiney male characters that I considered but then rejected.

    Archie Bunker moaned and whined a lot, but he was a tough guy from the docks who always provided for his family.

    George Jefferson, whined all the time, sniveled, etc. He however shows strong masculine core because he worked his way up.

    Fred Sanford, same as above.

    Eric Foreman, very whiney teenager but redeems himself by going to teach in Africa to pay his own college expenses.

    Frank Constanza, whiney, petty , obnoxious but tough guy from the old days.

    I felt a male character had to present as a noodle to make the list.


    These two other whiners that irritate me, but then MASH irritates me anyway, my parents watched the hell out of this show and now just hearing the music makes my guts sink.

    Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce (MASH)

    Major Franklin Delano Marion "Frank" Burns (MASH)

    So other than Luke Skywalker and Jim Carey characters, are there other important whiney male stock characters we need to discuss here?

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    How about easily irritated female characters?
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    Belatedly found this thread. Out of the shows I've seen, everyone in the 'pole' bugs me. Ray's voice really gets to me, nasally and whiny. I loved the movie Ice Age, except for Ray's voiceover for the mammoth. Ugh. much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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