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    Quote Originally Posted by Snail View Post

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    This seems like a heavy topic for the fluff zone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiddo View Post
    Shhhhhhhh! There is a hidden dynamic to the question.
    When do we find out what it is?

    And why is this in the fluff zone?

    I don't think that planing on doing something bad counts as bad. Often times we think about doing bad things but resist tempation. I don't think those bad thoughts should count against us.

    I don't think anyone can honestly say they have never done anything bad. I think that you cannot necessarily judge a person as good or bad based on a single deed, you need to look at the overall picture.

    The overall picture is a complicated thing, some of the things it would take into concideration would be:

    How many good thing have they done v. how many bad things have they done?
    How major were the bad things? What exactly were they? Taking a shortcut accross the no trespassing area? Shoplifting? Murder?
    How penitant are they? Have they attempted to make up for their past bad deeds?
    Is the badness unintentional? I would include things like well meaning people who give bad advice or people who hurt others feelings because they lack social skills.

    I don't think it necessarily matters if the person thinks of it as bad deed or not. To take an extreme example, people who think it is good to kill those that they believe are the wrong faith.


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