... In Laymans terms.

There are stuff 'I don't get' that I need broken down or put in Layman's terms.

For example, Jungian to me, is racist, to me, don't know why but it is. Jungian sounds like, to me, a self confessed Layman, like jungle meaning jungle and 'ian' meaning dialect talking about broken english or ebonics against ethnic minorities and others in inner cities or ghettos, Jungian reminds me of 'Ghetto Slang'.

Reminds me of a fictional people called the Hasbians; who are a bunch of has beens cast off somewhere, on an island maybe.


But, I hope you get my point, and I wonder, have you ever felt dumb, or, 'Like a Layman'?

"I R R Layman!"

"... Stupid weasel."