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    Default The Logic of God [Free for all satire/wacky thoughts and views/comedy]

    - not a theological debate thread.

    EXT Farm in the UK Day 1/4
    So somebody oneday on a farm in the UK decides to feed dead cows to living cows which meant when that cow died, it got fed to yet another cow, and all the while us humans were eating our share of the dead cow too, just for a joke or to see what happens or to save money or whatever.

    INT Somewhere in the Kingdom of Heaven Night 2/4
    God is sitting.

    God (Shocked)
    Are you sh*tting me!?

    God calms down.

    God (Serious)
    I'm going to invent something, to show them that that's not right.
    I'm going to take BSE, and make it lethal to all those who eat from the cow.

    God (Smug)
    Look what I had to do in India...

    Camera comes down to earth with clouds that reveal the next sequence, cut to

    EXT India Evening 3/4
    A 5 year old Hindu boy is sitting looking frightened and talking to himself.
    INT Cafe in Delhi Evening 3/4
    a 5 year old Hindu boy is sitting in a cafe in Delhi looking at a cow statue, scared of it and saying to himself.)

    5 Year Old Hindu Boy (Scared)
    Translated from Hindi**
    Not the cow... Oh not the scared cow.

    Camera then goes back up to the next sequence, comming back and over the clouds, cut to

    INT Somewhere in the Kingdom of Heaven Night 4/4
    God is sitting.


    Write what ever you want how ever you want about 'the logic' of God.

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