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    Default lets all write 3 paragraph responses

    to what's your favorite color? !!

    you go first
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    i can never answer this question. first of all i don't understand the could one choose. favorite color for what? is the color going on my wall? or am i going to wear it? is it my favorite color of flower? what about my favorite color of sky? or is it the color that evokes my favorite kind of mood? even that i could not depends...always.

    if i were a color what color would i be? that's another way to interpret it i guess...i still don't have an answer. sometimes i'm bright and sunny like a daffodil...sometimes i'm serene and earthy like forest green...sometimes i'm firey and intense like the deepest of reds...sometimes i'm zen and feeling at one with everything...which could go either black or white...or maybe white is more waiting to be inspired like a blank's clear unobstructed buzz...just clear.

    some people think different colors have different tastes or sounds...i can sort of see that...but it still doesn't help me answer it. i have no favorite being all of it....i can't define something without the other to contrast it would yellow even feel yellow...without a black? would blue feel blue without red? etc etc yeah i can't answer such silly questions.
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