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    i usually try to be liked.

    but then, recently i've taken up not giving a shit, and people were surprised and taken back at first but now they generally still seem to like me.

    this was true when i became a discipline officer in my sorority too. some people hated me for a little while but then most people seemed to go back to liking me eventually. because it wasn't like i ever was mean, i just enforced rules they didn't like for a while. which, they needed to suck it anyway, because a 2.5 gpa is not acceptable if you want to go to parties every night.

    anyway i think it has something to do with me generally liking and being interested in people so even if i don't especially care about their opinion we tend to have good relations regardless. which is good.

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    I just am who I am, I do recognize that the majority of my behavior is likable behavior, such as making funny jokes, being exuberant, strong sense of morals, strong beliefs, self-confidence (I act like I have it).
    I don't have to try, it's just who I am.
    A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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    From what little I know, people do tend to like me after they interact with me and often times tell me how shocked they were to discover that I'm friendly as opposed to initially thinking I'm aloof and unfriendly.

    If they ask me, I would confess that I am indeed, aloof and unfriendly but emits a lot of enthusiasm when interacting, thus the reason for them to believe I am friendly.

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    I enjoy being liked. I tend to be liked and tend to suspect people who show dislike of some aspect of me of having bad taste.

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    I'm used to being liked without puting in effort, at least after someone gets to know me a bit. So when someone doesn't like me, its extremely irritating. Beyond irritating, I don't really care. BUT, sometimes I chose turn someone's 'dislike' of me into an amusing game where I see if I can charm the pants off them anyway. At this point I'm playing.

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    I'm not sure really. I'd probably say no, but there are occasionally some people that make an effort to stay in touch, so I guess I'd say some people like me without my putting forth much effort.

    A lot of times people assume I'm a certain type of person and seem disappointed to find out that's not who I really am.

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