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Thread: Roller Coasters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    Ack! I'm terrified of roller coasters. You could seriously not pay me to get on the really twisty-turny ones that go upside down. I think it's a control issue, maybe.
    I'm the same. I think I even have 'rollercoaster wuss' as my user title on another forum.

    I'm definitely not an adrenalin junkie. Adrenalin tends to make me feel sick. I get motion sick easily on rollercoasters as well. And I'm scared of heights. So, uh, needless to say, I haven't been on one since my teens. much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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    I always loved carnival rides as a kid, but the traveling ones only had those little "kiddie coasters", and I've never got to experience going on a real roller coaster, but its one of the things on my "wish list" for someday. The last time I went to a carnival (county fair a couple years back) I got sick just going on mild stuff like the Tornado ride so I don't know what a real coaster would do to me, but I'd still want to give one a try someday. The sad part is I live within a days automobile travel of Silverwood theme park, but I don't drive, and I've never been able to talk friends (even ones that like stuff like that) into going there as a summer outing (even if I drove, going alone would be rather intimidating and probably a bit depressing too). As a poor subsitute, its still fun to play with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and design stuff and do the virtual ride thing.

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    I don't like the ones that go upside down or the really extreme ones, but the less extreme ones are pretty fun. I like water rides/slides better, though.

    Oh, and I cannot tolerate spinning. Sometimes even watching TV when they keep spinning the camera around the room will make my stomach start to complain.
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    Roller coasters are lots of fun.

    There's this really old wooden one at my local amusement park... The silly things makes so much creaking noise you wonder when it might collapse.

    Physics behind them is very interesting too...

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    We use to have a local amusement park and it had the zippin pippin which was I think, but not sure, Elvis's favorite coaster but it shut down a year ago so now the closest place that has rides is I don't know but too far to just get in the car and go. They did talk about building a disney theme park in Desoto, MS which is an hour south of Memphis but they couldn't get the land to build I would have loved that. But now 6 flags is about an hour from here so if I get a car *fingers crossed* I could go their some weekends.

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    Zippin Pippin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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