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    As long as the person makes an attempt to write a decent sentence without butchering every other word, I can care a little less.

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    Personally I appreciate it when people correct my spelling or grammar, though it may irritate me for a few moments. Obvious typos are an exception. Being a dick about it also reduces the gratitude. But if it's a repeated mistake then I'd rather be informed than continue to err. Occasionally if I know someone well enough I may offer a private correction (assuming it's a repeated mistake) under the "do unto others" rule. That's only if their spelling and grammar are otherwise of a very high standard though. I assume they'd want to know. Some people just struggle with it. I don't correct them. I struggle with maths, and wouldn't enjoy having my face rubbed in it. I already know it's a weakness.

    If I don't know the person well I don't correct them. I'm not correcting someone in this thread right now.

    ETA: I've only corrected the spelling/grammar of one person on one occasion in the last 10 years or so. So it isn't something I do lightly. I did it because the error was repeated fairly frequently and was jarringly at odds with his obvious mastery of the language. Something like "could of", though not that I don't think. Something a computer spell-check would miss. I also once advised a random website that "analize" was probably not the word they meant, but I don't think that counts.

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    I agree with lulah. In an adult conversation, leave the grammar edification out if it isn't asked for. Would you nitpick a person for anything else without solicitation? Does your neighbor prune their rose bushes wrong? Is your elderly customer's eyebrow penciling wobbly? Does the car next to yours have expired registration? I suppose you could say yes to all of the above, but don't expect gratitude.
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    helpful. I actually ask people to correct me though most of the time it's just a typo (forgetting to type a word, replacing a word for another etc but i would spot it RIGHT away if i went over what I wrote)
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    Quote Originally Posted by EcK View Post
    helpful. I actually ask people to correct me though most of the time it's just a typo (forgetting to type a word, replacing a word for another etc but i would spot it RIGHT away if i went over what I wrote)
    Well you obviously didn't go through it this time .

    I feel really annoyed when I make grammar mistakes. This also includes spelling mistakes. I would feel rather annoyed if someone corrects me though. When a mistake is pointed out it is usually pointed out not as a rep comment but as a thread post. If one really wishes to correct a mistake the best way to do it is to give a rep. This way it is obvious that he/she wishes well rather than he/she meant to patronize you.

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    I've met a few people who incessantly correct my grammar and it basically gives the impression that the listener isn't actually listening. I don't bother talking to people if they don't understand why it detracts from the content of conversation.

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    I don't correct people, but I don't mind being corrected generally, since I'd rather know about it and improve.

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    I've never had someone correct my grammar, as far as I remember. I don't think I would care, although it'd be annoying if they missed the point of what I was saying to focus on the grammar. I'd kinda want to know if I had a repeated grammar error that I was unaware of, though. Casual conversation doesn't count.
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