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    Quote Originally Posted by MDP2525 View Post
    I would make sure my grammar was spot on if I was writing a paper for school, in a job interview or making a speech. I'm not. I'm having a conversation and I don't need to be proper. As long as my point is understood without any follow-up questions, my communication is obviously fine.

    I notice most of the people who do this are strangers or people I do not know well. That is even more reason I consider them to be smug, irritating and condescending. Also, it ruins really good stories.

    Question time:

    How does everyone else feel about this topic?
    What do you think of the people who do this?
    Do you find people who correct grammar to be mainly strangers or people you know well?
    If you are a grammar corrector, why do you do it?
    I think it's snobby and rude unless it's for work/school, a project, or if someone specifically asks for help. People who do that make me think, "Who the fuck are you their teacher or parent?!". People might just leisurely posting from their cell phone or whatever, or maybe they were never an O.G. at English, who knows! Why be rude and call others out like's like they want to humiliate people. Just my 2 cents.
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    When they correct my spelling or grammar, I ask them to read every word I write and tell me the moment I make a mistake. So I turn an irritant into a reader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikamickmac View Post
    My first thought when reading your post was "find a spelling mistake". I didn't find one....I bet you probably checked, double-checked and triple-checked before posting.

    Personally, I agree with your thoughts on communication and will usually only point out an error when the context is appropriate for that type of response. Such a response would usually be made for humour value only and have no malicious intent whatsoever.
    I writes goods? Thanks mikamickmac. I'm sure your reply was thrice checked. I know how INTP's work. Can't make with the smugness until you are sure you're untouchable.

    Is this humor value response made to strangers or only with people you know well?

    I am from the South. I know @Tallulah is also. In speaking, I tend to drop my G's. Use ain't instead of isn't. Weren't, for me, is a two-syllable word. That sort of thing. This is mostly what I'm "corrected" on. I'm never corrected from a fellow Southerner. That probably says something right there.

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    I'm a Grammar Nazi actually.. I'm not a native English speaker, but it irritates me so much when people don't know the difference between Your and You're. However, when I'm chatting with my friends I usually don't give a damn about grammar as long as I understand what the other one is saying..

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    I find a lot of the time that the people who are correcting other people's grammar don't really have any clue what they're talking about. They read an Oatmeal comic once or saw it in an article online and now they claim to be an expert.

    It's just annoying, regardless of whether you're an expert or not. I tend to just ignore any grammar Nazi quips and keep talking. Even negative attention can be encouraging for some people.

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    It's annoying, but it's also annoying when people use incorrect grammar or spelling. Incorrect spelling is especially annoying. Still, I try not to correct people.
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    I find it annoying and mosly inappropriate, especially in everyday conversation. The only time I'd consider correcting someone's grammar is if the errors were bad enough to make the person's message misunderstood. If you're grading an English or term paper, then grammar errors should be pointed out tactfully. If someone has a serious problem with grammar make sure to mention what the person is doing right with the assignment.
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    I'm very good in my native language. I vote for both, it helps for improvement and at the same time never make same mistake.

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    I went to a birthday party once, and the birthday boy corrected something I said. Never mind that I was a bit drunk at the time.

    I've never spoken to him again because of it. I still think he's a pendantic prick, almost 10 years later.

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    I don't mind reading the misspelling or grammatical errors from others, as long as their ideas are clear enough to understand. If somebody's writing a poem, book or essay, and they need help with their work, I would give advice and help correct errors, but if I'm reading a post on the internet, I generally don't care. If somebody types with l33t speak or in all acronyms, that may muddle how their ideas are perceived, and I will ask them to clarify what I didn't understand. But I am more preoccupied with correcting my own writing than another person's.

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