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    Default Golden Globe vs. Oscars

    I'm watching the Golden Globes right now. I don't usually watch it. If I do watch anything, it's the Academy Awards.

    Maybe it is my imagination but it seems like the actors are happier in the Golden Globe ceremony than they are in the Academy Awards. They seem to enjoy it all more. They are happier for their peers who win and things like that. Has anybody noticed this or is it my imagination?

    I wonder if the stakes are higher for the Academy Awards and they are just taking it more seriously.

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    They're happier because they're drunk.

    But seriously it's a less formal event so everyone's a little more relaxed and perhaps more expressive (and the wine helps too). Yes, the stakes are higher for the Oscars because receiving one can make your career; in terms of salary alone I've heard there is a marked increasing in asking price.

    I just finished watching it myself and I admit it was a rather good ceremony.
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    It's not your imagination. The Golden Globe Awards has always been a pleasure to watch with some hilarious moments over the years. Fun and relaxed. The Academy Awards has always had a stick up its ass by comparison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    It's not your imagination. The Golden Globe Awards has always been a pleasure to watch with some hilarious moments over the years. Fun and relaxed. The Academy Awards has always had a stick up its ass by comparison.
    I think they are all boring. *yawn*

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    Never paid attention to the Golden Globes due to the lack of award categories that interest me.

    The Oscars, on the other hand, have been getting absolutely hilarious in their horrid attempts to make the ceremony more hip, especially last year. I always said that ditching the tuxedos and those ridiculous dresses could help with that a lot, but then I remembered that tuxedos and dresses were hip to the 100-something-old chairmen who have been far removed from reality since they were born.

    As for the films, I normally pay attention to the technical categories (sound mixing, sound editing, visual effects, etc.), but that's just for the nominations, not the winners, since while nominees are voted by the pros in the selected industry, the winners are voted for by the Academy, who have no idea what's involved in the technical categories, and typically vote for either the British film or most liberal-themed movie of the nominees.

    Although in recent times, the nominees have been losing credibility -- particularly last year, when TRON Legacy was snubbed an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects.

    I've been sticking to the VES Awards, as of late. But they're not televised. I just honestly don't care about the actors or even the major award-winning movies that really aren't that good.

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