First off I like to say that I'm from Toronto and despite what people think about Canadians being friendly this city is filled with pretentious snobs. Not only is the whether cold but the people are cold too. I've met people from Europe the united states and other parts of the world and they are much more friendlier and open with one another. When you go to a club in Toronto you have to pay overpriced cover 10-20 dollars or so. Then when you get in you deal with overpriced drinks (8 dollars a shot) with pretentious woman and men all over the place. Then when you finally get talking to a girl her pretentious friends give you all sorts of shit tests and mind games to fend you off. Everything in Toronto is expensive and I mean EVERYTHING. There is all sorts of tax, your paycheck literally gets cut in half and sent to the government. Insurance for your car. calling a cab, sell phones, internet yes INTERNET is a total rip off and the people here are so proud claiming it's the best city in the world and that it's so "diverse". I find this city is just an "immigrant dump" it gives opportunity for other cultures to come in but does nothing right and keeps everyone poor and miserable in the end.

I apologize for the rant. but I would like to hear some other opinions and perspectives of people who have experience with the city.