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    My resolution is to not have resolution - commitments to crap are preemptive strikes to disappointment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erm View Post
    75% statistic means nothing on it's own. For one that looks like a massive success rate, higher than I would expect (around 15% I thought, which is still a high rate of success for such challenges), and in order to test the merit of New Years resolutions you need to compare it to other resolutions or changes. The idea being that simultaneous attempts at even different activities by multiple people is more effective than on your own, let alone when a group tries the same resolution together. There's a social momentum to it.

    The other thing it tries to do is make people who normally wouldn't think about or practice self-improvement give it a shot. Any attempt at measuring the effect of New Years resolutions would need to take that into account as well. You'd have to measure the effects of different time lapses between attempts and all other kinds of complications too.
    I haven't read up on the study in great detail. I could easily be wrong.
    I really don't think the study focused so much on the formulation and the carrying out of the goals, let alone comparing them to normal circumstance or taking into consideration the individuals history in regards to their experience with such goal setting in relation to the goals they set on new years. It seems pretty black and white, you either set a goal on new years and failed it, or set one and accomplished it to the degree you believe justifies it as accomplished.
    I don't know if duration of goal should be a factor, although I think it does play a huge role in ones ability to persist in their commitments. But like I said, the study seemed pretty black and white. 75% don't make it to the finish line.

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    The Abreaction to New Year's Resolutions

    Quote Originally Posted by wheelchairdoug View Post
    Did you make any New Years resolutions? If so, what were they? What is your attitude toward making New Years resolutions? Share/ discuss.
    The interesting thing about New Year's resolutions is that they are not kept.

    And they are not kept because of the abreaction.

    Our present habits and compulsions are there to keep us safe from knowing we we are. And once we start to change them, the abreaction comes in overwhelmingly and takes us over.

    The abreaction is immensely powerful and overwhelms all our good resolutions and leaves us feeling like disorientated failures, but safe.

    Ironically, our true self is found in our abreaction. It is scary. It is something we can't handle. But it is only in the dead centre and quiet of the abreaction that we discover who we are.

    So our New Year's resolutions are only there to provoke the abreaction, and hey, they work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    75% don't make it to the finish line.
    So that could be the highest rate of success there is for these types of changes, or the lowest. Which is why it's a meaningless statistic on its own for measuring the merit of New Years resolutions.

    A simple study that would have a better conclusion would be quantifying how many people successfully quit smoking or lost fat because of New Years compared to other times of the year. If those that were successful are even slightly overrepresented with New Years resolutions, it could easily be argued that New Years has some merit to it and vice versa.

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    I usually skip on doing the New Years Resolution thing, but this year it felt natural. It's not so much that the year rolled over and I feel like I need to resolve to be a better person, it's more like when Friday comes up and I make a little mental list of things I want to get done over the weekend. And, my list for this year is:

    • Get out of town this year and do something interesting.
    • Create Expressively (this is vague, but I'll know when this is achieved)
    • Be meaningfully involved this year in a couple of groups I belong to.

    Sometimes it's more important to work to acheiving something, whether the goal was achieved or not. Anyway, I learn and experience a hell of a lot more in failing than I do in sitting around wondering if I should even start.

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    I've kept my previous year's resolutions, which was to finish at least one manuscript. I've finished Project WR.
    I don't want to change anything now, except maybe get a job closer to home, but it's not really in my power, so all I can do is keep up job-hunting.

    So I'll just keep up the good tradition and finish at least one manuscript this year too! (I hope for more than one, seeing that I'm in the last stage of my current one. But at the other hand, I've got a nearly full time job at one hour drive from home and a daughter to care for, so I won't promise myself of finishing two.)

    My New Year's wish is also the same as previous year: get, for the first time, a manuscript published by a real publisher!
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