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Thank you. You know that Simpsons episode where they go to Brazil? I can't tell how much of it was satire/parody and how much was lack of research.

Also, we don't have elephants. And I couldn't care less about soccer, though we have loads of fans around here - including my dad. And I don't live in a slum. And we have lapstops and HDTVs. And I'm whiter than Wonderbread. And our capital is neither Rio de Janeiro nor São Paulo, thank you very much*.

* Rio used to be our capital several decades ago. Update yer atlases!
nor do you guys have giraffes wandering around

I was in Parana state, which was pretty much the opposite of whatever people in the US imagine whenever they think about Brazil... there were lots of hills (mountains?) and beef and actual COWBOYS! (with horses and everything!!!!!) there was also a lot of italian food and I was NOT the whitest person around, despite being mostly of irish descent. it was also cold and rainy (winter) and people drank yerba mate and drank red wine with coke as well. Shrimp were NOT eaten everywhere and I didn't see a single monkey!

Of course, whenever I mentioned where I'm from all anyone mentioned was auto racing, so I guess the regional ignorances can go both ways