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    black, light pink, violet, white, pink, purple, light blue mostly.
    Sometimes also clothes with some grey, orange, red etc. but those would not be the main color of my clothes. I use almost never use navy blue, yellow & dark green.

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    brown, mostly... (I'm an autumn skin colour type) and then something relatively bright to go along with whatever brown i'm wearing that's a fall colour.

    and lots of jeans.
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    Black, even though it's not a great idea for someone with translucent skin. I have some dark green and some blue too, because I like how it makes my eyes pop.
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    Mostly navy blue, sky blue, and black.

    To be honest I don't really care too much about the colour of my clothes. I only really avoid white, and that is only because I am a messy dinosaur.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Usehername View Post
    brown, mostly... (I'm an autumn skin colour type) and then something relatively bright to go along with whatever brown i'm wearing that's a fall colour.

    and lots of jeans.
    +1. I pay a LOT of attention to which colors work well for which skin tones and which colors work best for each other. I've recently become extremely interested in colors, specifically in relation to clothes and skin tones, but more broadly in relation to each other and color theory in general.

    There's a color theory that says that what is most pleasing to the eye is that which is most balanced. In other words, in terms of people specifically, we want to bring balance to warm skin tones (ones with more red in them) by adding cool colors, and we want to bring balance to less-warm skin tones (yellow-based skin tones, or skin tones that simply lack red and don't flush easily) by adding warmer colors. We also want to contrast light with dark, i.e. we want to put darker colors on pale people and lighter colors on dark people, which is a principle I've found holds up even better than the first one (ever noticed how good white and really pale colors look on black and tan people?).

    These axioms are fun and make a bit of sense logically, but there are also other ways of looking at colors that hold up just as well but somewhat contradict these two basic color principles. For example, black and tan people can look damn fine in dark colors too.

    As another example that kind of goes against the grain of the two principles I mentioned, in my senior year of high school I was good friends with two girls, twins, who were equally pale. Their skin tones were close to Albino, if you ask me, meaning there was almost no color, especially not red, in their skin tones; they were the whitest of the white. Interestingly, they looked pretty damn good in cool colors, which seems to contradict the axiom of balance, but I suppose it makes sense if you think of it in these terms:

    We may simply want to bring out and enhance our skin tone, meaning we may not necessarily want to contrast and balance it, but instead we may do just as well to compliment it with similar colors that have a similar level of warmth and brightness (or lack thereof). That's just a theory I made up, and I think it also makes a bit of sense, but it contradicts the first two theories.

    I keep a lot of different theories in mind when choosing colors to wear, and I don't stick to just one. In the end I choose what I think brings me together and makes me look good. As they say on Project Runway, clothes are supposed to do amazing things for your body, and that's pretty much the Golden Rule for me: however I achieve that is fine, and it varies, but in the end I have to think I look pretty good (unless I'm feeling lazy, in which case I don't care). So the rules are flexible, and there are competing theories, all of which probably hold up in some way.

    I'm a pale girl, often with little to moderate red in my skin tone. Until recently I considered myself a cool skin tone (i.e., lacking red), so I'd often wear neutral colors and warm colors to balance the coolness of my skin. I'm starting to realize I'm a little pinker than I first thought, which means theoretically that cool colors would work well for me. Actually, I'd guess I'm a pretty medium skin tone, which probably means I can relatively easily wear warm and cool colors. But the axiom of balance doesn't seem to hold up in every case, so I've recently begun to keep that in mind.

    As Usehername said, I like to contrast the clothes themselves with each other. For example, I might wear a neutral khaki jacket with a true-blood red shirt underneath. Those two colors often compliment each other; neutral colors like khaki and gray go with a heck of a lot. As another example, I may wear navy blue with maroon or dusty pink, which contrasts coolness and warmth in a pleasing way.

    So anyway, this post is dragging on, but I wear a lot of different colors, ranging from plum to lime green. Even though I don't stick with just one set of colors and am pretty open to all different kinds, I don't actually own a lot of clothes (if you can believe it!).

    I'm noticing I have a bit of an excess of pink in my wardrobe these days and am planning to even it out eventually, but until I have a job I'm probably not going to have a large wardrobe with a lot of variation. I'm living pretty frugally off my mother's money gifts and only occasionally adding new clothes, but I make that money count.
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    Black or Blue mainly, at times tho light brown/tan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post
    Lol, I can't answer that question.

    I wear a lot of different colors, always.

    Me too -- all at the same time!

    Seriously though I like BRIGHT vivid colors.

    Fuschia/Pink was my fave color for quite a while. Then red. Then orange (supposedly I look good in orange). Then back to fuschia/pink.

    Now it's teal/aquamarine. The burning unnatural kind that you might find at a resort in Mexico. And pairing it with coral! I love coral.

    I like color combinations that in theory should clash but don't. Strong colors for a strong gal. I forget the term for it...tertiary? secondary? Like a good boho chick I studied art so I should remember.

    That doesn't mean I always wear bright colors though. I just like to.

    I've never been monochromatic and have always tried to avoid wearing too much grey, black, brown, beige or navy.

    And I wear these colors preferably with chunky silver jewelry -- I'm not really a gold person. :nods:
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    Mostly green. I like warm, muted colors and earth tones.
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    Dark colours. Greys, blacks, dark greens. Occasionally I have a bold moment, but it feels... "weird" to wear.

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    Almost exclusively white and blue.

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