A superhero team for the ages

Little Caesar's guy!
(double the talk, double the cheese)

Spuds MacKenzie, coolest party dog evah!
(nuff said)

Jolly Green Giant
(big, jolly, and green.... duh)

M&Ms, assorted colors
(super charisma, crunchy exterior coating that doesn't melt in your hand)

The Budweiser frogs
(synchronized croaking, can hold their liquor)

Vlasic stork
(flies; crunchiest gerkin lurkin')

Crash Test Dummies Vince & Larry + their cousin Buster from Mythbusters!
(indestructible... mostly)

Energizer Bunny
(unstoppable; bang that drum)

AFLAK duck!
(stupid annoying superhero team sidekick/mascot)

SuperDuper HQ Secret Lair managed by butler Jeeves (from ASK.COM)


Facing off against some of the most dastardly villains to walk the advertising sphere.

Burger King
(creepy stalker dude)

Joe Camel
(leads his gang of nazis smokers to increase health care costs)

Chester Cheetah
(master heistmonger; cheesy fingertips are a giveaway)

California Raisins
(jivin' juveniles of crime)

and ringleader GERBER BABY!!!!
(criminal mastermind -- don't let the chubby cheeks fool ya)

... yeah, I'm bored and tired.