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    Hahaha, that was sort of fun.

    You are...Dr. Cox
    A.K.A. "The Big Jerk"

    Rebel, thy name is YOU! You don't do things by the rules -- at all -- and you're damn proud of it, despite the fact that such a philosophy tends to bite you in the ass more often than you like. Your brusque and sarcastic manner puts off most around you, but your high standards elicit nothing but respect. It's possible that your rough exterior is a cover to deeper, more vulnerable feelings inside. Only you know for sure.
    You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. - Jack London

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    You are...Turk
    A.K.A. "The Jock with a God Complex"

    Who's da man? You are! (Or, "da woman" as the case may be.) You're cool without trying. Confident, caring, loyal. Do you ever make a wrong move? Okay, perhaps your enthusiasm for life can get you into trouble with those more inhibited than yourself, but you've got the skills to get yourself out of any sticky situation. The only problem with leading such a blessed life is jealous peers. Don't let them rile up your competitive nature to an unhealthy level! And don't let your good looks drag you down a dangerous path, either! Those infros are tough to treat.

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    Never watched the show, but I'm apparently J.D.
    Fe/Fi 36.9/37.7
    Ne/Ni 34.9/25.8
    Se/Si 25.7/19.5
    Te/Ti 28.4/31.9
    Type: 2w% sx/sp/so

    I don't want it, I just need it, to breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive.

    Never take life to seriously.. No one gets out alive in the end anyway.

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