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    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    Moms usually know anyway. You're only young once, and dreds are something that's most easily overlooked by the powers that be when done young. It's now or never is what I'm saying I guess.
    i got caught to her for smoking weed when i was 16 and she was worried that id lose my mind etc so much that i would definitely know if she knew now. thats why i dont want anything that would make her think that i still smoke weed. shes an Ne dom, so i better not give any hints to her.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    I vote cut it too.

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    Long hair suits you but I do agree that you should trim off the dead ends. Also, tying your hair back suits you too and is so much more practical.

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