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    So finally today I got fed up. The single beep never bothered me. There was like a 40 second rhythm to it - it was very constant and I tuned it out most of the time. But for some reason with 2 alarms going at different paces, I just can't seem to ignore it. Sometimes they were beeping simultaneously, and then a little later their beeps were 15 seconds apart. That lack of consistency was driving me up the wall. I was sitting at my computer counting the seconds in my head, and every time the time between the beeps would change.

    So, I ripped ALL TEN alarms out of my ceiling.

    If you recall from earlier in this thread... Ripping a single alarm out of the ceiling sets off the other 9 so that they blare like the goddamn apartment is on fire. So I basically had to rip out one, and then FRANTICALLY RUN AROUND MY APARTMENT WHILE THE ALARMS WERE FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. It took me several minutes to get all 10 alarms, but when I finally pulled out the 10th, there was sweet, sweet silence.

    There is now a pile of fire alarms sitting on my kitchen counter.

    If I stop posting in the coming weeks... It means that something in my apartment caught on fire, and there were no alarms to alert me of the flames.
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    Did you solve this problem?
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