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View Poll Results: Quality or quantity - the pursuit of pleasure

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  • Pleasure : highest quality, probably short lived

    8 40.00%
  • Pleasure : sustained longer term enjoyment

    3 15.00%
  • I like both, it just depends.

    9 45.00%
  • I'm a robot who doesnt experience/understand pleasure

    2 10.00%
  • Other (please explain.. and don't forget to explain by reference to your type)

    1 5.00%
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    Default Exquisite pleasure, or glorious excess?

    This thread is about the preferred means of finding pleasure. Linked to the the vices of greed, or desire, or just plain excess (it's a vice, right? even if not an official one). Anyway, on to the question...

    Do you prefer to have small quantities of extreme pleasure/sensation or do you prefer a long drawn out orgy of pleasure?

    A classic example would be "chocolate" - some people like a small amount of very high quality, high cocoa, chocolate. Others would want enough chocolate to create a chocolate cottage to eat their way out of.

    You could also think about sexual preferences, or abusing alcohol, or buying yourself too many shoes. Whatever floats your boat...


    Exquisite, highest quality in small amounts/short periods
    Large scale glorious excess (less intense, but for longer)

    Does your type influence this?

    [I am hoping to see if there is a correlation between type and pleasure seeking]

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    best quality for shorter times and you'll appreciate it all the more!
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    Normally I will not choose between quantity or quality
    I have high quality good-times most of the time
    Take food for an example. I never eat macaronis and sausage or something else that isn't really a pleasure to eat.
    I don't get into potentially bad longterm relationships, if I get into one it's gotta be quality.
    I try to have quality for long periods of time and in excessive amounts. And I generally know where to find it and how to get it.

    I sound like a dreadful snob, blah. No but seriously... I try to do as many pleasurable things I can at any given day. Sometimes my days are bad, but it isn't often.

    Quality-improving stuff that I do:
    1. Eat good food and enjoy good drinks
    2. Smoke the pipe
    3. Read awesome books, watch great movies
    4. Hang out with funny people. Seriously, they even make work fun.
    5. If sex is offered, take up the offer.
    6. Sleep way too much.
    7. Beer and sauna, I say no more.
    8. Get drunk, stay drunk, eat unhealthy food and wake up well.

    I'm rambling, as always. But it wouldn't be me otherwise

    Anyway. If something can improve your relaxation, feeling of OK-ness or whatever (not the grrrl). GET.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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    I would have to say that quality comes first. I like both, of course, but I think I usually go for quality first. I'm resourceful and adaptable, so I don't worry about what happens when I run out.

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    I enjoy creating for others with carefully assembled quality ingredients. Quality ingredients in any type of composition are more reliable, and allow you to create with a greater degree of control, which is the essence of competence.

    So I appreciate experiences in which I am able to discern the intention of the maker, wether indifference or passion...or course I prefer passion, excellence or at least professionalism.

    How does this correlate with my type as I understand it so far? As I've mentioned elsewhere here, I am still getting a feel for this typing business...Starting out as ISTJ I am now at ISxj...and I'm not sure about the "j" at, read what you will into it. Good question.
    Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings...Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king

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    I like excess and taking what I want immediately to satisfy my needs. If it's not overdone it's not worth doing.

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