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    Default Random thought: Uncreative spam

    What's the point? I'm not talking Nigerian scams or porn sites or sweepstakes....but at least they tried to put some thought/effort into those.

    The stuff I get is so bad and pointless and often the same thing multiple times per day. Free Large Pizza...yeah right.

    Then you have the craigslist spammers who reply to any ad with almost random characters and incomplete nonsensical phrases, that would never generate a reply.
    They aren't even including a link or anything worthwhile or tempting. Why?
    Type 6w5 sp/so/sx I think..I have not fully explored this and just discovered it.

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    You know, I've wondered that too. I've even thought about contacting them and offering my services to craft believable emails. I could at least get a bunch of people to click on a keylogging link or something. Not hard.

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