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Thread: Kilroy was here

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    Default Kilroy was here

    Anyone else who is fascinated with the legend of Kilroy?

    It is said to be drawings of Kilroy with the text "Kilroy was here" in a number of really odd places, for an example on top of mount everest, at the Arch de Triumphe at Champs-elyssées, scribbled in the dust on the moon and so forth.

    You run across it basically everywhere in the world.
    I just love it

    Any of you who have a heard stories of where this originated? I would love it if you had any local stories from where you live etc. Many sources seem to point that it all started in the Boston area in the beginning of WWII.

    But who knows?

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    Well I know the Australian version is " Foo was here", what had the exactly the same picture, supposedly "Foo" is acronym for Forward Observation Officer.

    In Britain we had "Chad" what was the same as "Foo" and "kilroy" graffiti, but instead of having the slogan "Foo/chad was here." it had the slogan "What, no ____?". The blank would be satirically filled in with whatever rationing caused to be in short supply.

    It was most probably not even originally American, "Foo" and " Chad" are supposed to have been used before "Kilroy", the British Cartoonist George Edward Chatterton mostly probably made the cartoon.
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