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    Quote Originally Posted by saslou View Post
    Black OP's or assassin's creed brotherhood .. Better to own your own copy than rent or borrow from someone else.

    Qualifications .. You can buy any old certficiate online these days.

    Women .. We may be full of hot air on occasions, but we never deflate
    (it's somewhat clean)
    HILARIOUS!! LOL THis is what keeps coming to mind, or fake body parts, but there's no way I can make that work.

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    buying a house versus renting... you feel a real sense of ownership and pride, and you know any work that you put into it will be yours to enjoy
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    it sounds like you're talking about the difference between fast food and a fancy dinner out. Hamburger vs. a T-bone steak (or breyers vs. haagen dasz). Flying first class vs. economy.

    I disagree, naturally, but that's not important.
    -end of thread-

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