Okay, I claim responsibility for derailing the thread "What's it like?" So I've redirected my issues down here...

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And on another note, if I were Uber, I'd be afraid women wanted to cut my junk off, too.
To be honest, I've actually never done anything to offend women. And some of them seem to think I'm the three I's -- intelligent, insightful, and interesting -- and not a typical "male pig." But the problem is whether these girls are being honest with me or if they're trying to lure me into traps to get revenge on all men for their failed relationships with them -- it's like Aileen Wuornos.

And the movie Monster seems to be played as a women's rights movie that encourages women to kill the men in their relationships (or clients).

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I think that we're all pleased that this fear is likely to prevent you from reproducing. So keep it up, please.
I don't know if this is a sarcastic remark or if you have a grudge against me, but here is my alternative method of reproduction.

(And apparently, you like to fry wieners, so to some degree, my theory is correct.)

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When you can show me that women habitually keep razor blades and rat traps down there to harm any unsuspecting man they can lure into their embrace, then perhaps I will give this more credit than it deserves.
Metal Wounds took care of part of that here. And I'm saying the rat trap thing is theoretically possible. In a few episodes of The Shield, there were characters screwing holes in the walls with rat traps on the other side, and it got me thinking, what if women wired them in their vaginae?