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    Default Ride the Rocket (The Better Way)

    LMAO! Look at this thing my online friend sent me. It's a brochure on elevator escalator safety. I urge you to look. And ride the rocket (the better way).
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    escalator safety!

    what is this world coming to when we need instruction manuals to ride an escalator?!? (and I was amused to note that I apparently break one of the rules of escalator safety- I ALWAYS lean against the railing! )
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    Have you ever noticed how the handrails almost always go slightly faster than the foot part?
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    They also have a poster on Escalator Safety Steps. I call foul on the pictures they use tho, that woman is way to happy to be at a TTC station.

    If this poster about DWA's is anything to go by, you're not supposed to wait anywhere but where the "Guard Car" stops.. I guess the rest of the platform and train is use at your own risk then?
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    i love leaning on the side of the escalator!
    the pictures made me laugh. Especially the picture with the stroller, the walker and the shopping cart. I'm not sure why though.
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    I wonder if they're the same people responsible for this:

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