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    Exposito en Brevis in Lucam - Skoków, Lublin Voivodeship

    1. Fenor
    2. William G. T'Vault
    3. Nagao Masakage
    4. Derry Senior Football Championship 2008
    5. Watterson Park, Kentucky
    6. Sanford H. Calhoun High School
    7. Monroe Township, Lyon County, Minnesota
    8. Viviès
    9. Harry Aubrey Toulmin, Sr.
    10. WZFX
    11. Gerald Stern

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    Band: You Can't Hurry Love
    Album: Port Moody Station Museum

    1: Feminist Initiative
    2: Welsh poetry
    3: Edgar C. Merriman
    4: Mountain Park Elementary, Georgia
    5: KMUV-LP
    6: Cho Hyung-Jae
    7: Your Computer (Australian magazine)
    8: Lari people
    9: National Art Hate Week
    10: Oboga River
    11: Bernier-Iliadis Gallery Museum
    12: Griselda González
    13: Herodion of Antioch
    14: New Zealand local elections, 2004
    15: Dublin Senior Hurling Championship 2006
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