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    Default The Fantasy Platoon

    My Name is Silently Honest but you can call me Sgt. Honest.

    This thread is meeting place for The Fantasy Platoon

    What is The Fantasy Platoon?

    The Fantasy Platoon is a group dedicated to sharing fantasies, we discuss who you imagine yourself to be, what route you imagine your life taking, wandering thoughts, daydreams and anything else that fits under the Fantasy category.

    How to join?

    It's a simple matter of posting a fantasy.

    An example; This morning while I was hurrying to church my neighbor stopped me to have a conversation, she's about 84 and may or may not have lost her mind. I usually would have no problem with stopping for a chat with her but I was already ten minutes late for mass and my mom was already there. What made the situation even more complicated was the fact that my neighbor was, save for her birds and pet dog, alone.

    So I suffered the twenty minutes of conversation for her sake before getting in my car to leave, but then she did something odd. When I was about to pull out she stood in front of the car. Now what I did was wait for her to move and arrived to church about 40 minutes late, what I fantasized doing was slamming the gas peddle, and speeding to church with a crumpled old lady hanging off of my front bumper.

    If someone asked what the mess on my car was, I would have replied "It's an example." before getting back into my car and leaving the country.

    Yeah, it was one of my more violent fantasies.

    Another example; When daydreaming more then not I'm in a leading role, but on the occasions I'm not, I always find my self in the role of the mentor, or wise old man, giving important advice to a conflicted protagonist. This for some reason is just as much a satisfying role as the guy whose out saving the world.

    So welcome in advance and to good reading.
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    Fantasy: A response to the scenario that begins every so often as I mind my own business.

    Scene: My commute in not so nice weather. The bus is a third full, mostly students and people with office jobs making their way home.

    My backpack is stowed under the seat. I am sitting by myself, lazily reading the local weekly newsmagazine. I sit, as usual near the back exit. Passengers get on the bus, some people exit. We move slowly. At the front of the bus, someone is chatting away, occupying the drivers attention.

    A man walks past me, scans the available seats, stands for a minute, walks back toward me. He stands more closely than is polite. I stop reading, and look up.

    "Smile", he says. It is unmistakably directed at me. He is well dressed, carrying a briefcase, and at least ten years older than myself.

    I remain silent. I don't smile.

    "It can't be that bad. Smile." This time, he smiles a bit as he says it. Its like a dare.

    "Have we been introduced?"
    I ask this loudly. A few of my fellow passengers have begun to observe the exchange.

    "You'd be pretty if you smiled." He says. He looks down his nose after he proclaims my lack of beauty.

    "Do you always go around commanding strangers to contort their faces for your pleasure ?" I ask. I'm getting louder.

    He steps backward. "I was just..." (He says this in the 'what are you accusing me of' tone)

    I look him in the eyes. "-Has it ever occurred to you that you are not entitled my smile? I don't want to smile right now. I'm not particularly happy to have a stranger interrupt a peaceful evening". About half of the bus is watching the man and myself now. He takes another step back. he isn't smiling. He doesn't look confident. "I can say whatever I want". He hisses "Bitch" under his breath. People start whispering. The profanity has not endeared him to our fellow passengers.

    I stand up. I'm shorter than him, smaller. I radiate anger, but my voice is cold and hard. "I bet you do this all the time. I bet you like it when people who owe you nothing, do something because you told them to, just because its easier than arguing. You probably tell young women to smile because they don't argue. You tell someone to smile who's had a bad day at work. You order someone who just went to a funeral to smile ". I take a step forward, he takes a step back. "Here's the thing. Every so often, you will run into someone who won't put up with it. Every so often, you will run into someone who will call you out on it."

    I take another step. He has backed himself to the rear exit of the bus. A passenger has been nice enough to pull the 'stop request' cord. The bus slows to a stop. "You sir, are an overstuffed, obnoxious jackass".

    He takes a final step back, hitting his elbow on the sensor that opens the bus door. "Now. Get. Out. Of. My. Face." I say. The looks he is getting are not friendly. The driver has noticed nothing. Discretion is the better part of 'valor', for him. He turns, and hurries out into the rain and the dark. I hear his shoe squelch in a puddle, and a muffled curse.

    The door closes. I take my seat. And then I smile.

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    I have one:

    Craig Parker: (in that reeling awesome Kiwi accent of his) "Hey, Pink!! Let's play touch football!"

    Me: "Hey, Craig! Great idea!"

    Craig: "Only without the football!"

    Me: "Right on!"

    Craig: "And heavy emphasis on the touching!"

    Me: "For rizzle!"

    Craig: "And also without the playing part so much!"

    Me: "I'm hearin' ya!"

    Craig: "I'll be shirts and you be skins!"

    Me: "Ha ha! Oh you big rascal! What won't you think of next?"

    Craig: "Tag-team yoga! Only without the yoga!"

    Me: "So crazy it just might work!"

    Ok ok, mine's just silly. I'd be startled to air what I truly think sometimes.
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