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Thread: Merry Fluffmas!

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    Talking Merry Fluffmas!

    Yes, it's that time of year again! All of us getting ready for Fluffmas, hanging our crocheted fluff catchers from the knob of the back door, buying our big tubs of marshmallow fluff to leave out for Magic Admiral Fluffenhaas in hopes he will leave us a good fluffy thread or two.

    So what are you guys doing for Fluffmas this year? Anything good? I'm personally changing things up and making the Admiral some 'reverse Oreos' (y'know, where you encase an Oreo wafer within a huge hunkin' fistful of tasty cream). I know it's non-traditional, but I figured hey! This is the 21st century and I think the Admiral would be all up in that shiot.
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    Gloriana, you're back! Hmmm...why not...Merry Fluffmas to everybody!

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