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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby View Post
    hey listen i have and idea. im estp and use 1 meter toilet paper every time, and also i have a friend who is estj who use only one half meter every time. soo what do you think?? connection?? P means you have double load toilet papar?? and i have purple toothbrush. any other Se dominants has purple toothbrush??? thx for reading and thanks for ur comments cya thx
    Oh yeah I have a purple toothbrush, so I must be an Se dom. Cool! (actually I don't remember what colour it is, haha)

    Honestly I think (hope?) this thread is a joke, maybe a slight at how many people jump at the slightest thing they might have in common with others of the same type.

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    I'm a type that doesn't even consider measuring how much toilet paper I use. Does that make me intuitive do you think? Or just not insane?
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    I can't say i've ever measured my TP, but i'm a typical INFP when it comes to toilet habits.

    I see it as expressing myself in the form of sculpture and poetry. Sure, it's abstract poetry, but i'm spilling my guts and putting the result on paper, which i think qualifies. It's quite beautiful actually, sometimes i don't even want to flush but i always do, because i consider it a powerful metaphor for the transient nature of the human condition.
    ik sprokkel wat dagen, drop baggage,
    soms heb ik geen zin om die koffers te dragen,
    ik laat los, los het op, word onzichtbaar
    en geef de buitenlucht wat ruimte terug
    dus.. nu zit ik op m'n fiets alsof het niets is,
    maar niets kan toch niet uit zichzelf pedalen laten draaien?

    ~ Typhoon

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